Double 13" eStop SmartSign

As an extended version of our popular Single 13" SmartSign, these larger screens can show much more information – perfect for heavily congested areas or where many people will be trying to read a sign at once. With exceptional clarity and customisable through Wi-Fi or 3/4G, you can enhance bus transport areas and bus stops with our smart signage. Easy-to-install and easy-to-use, the Double 13” SmartSign is our cost-effective solution for public transport management.

Deliver a greater amount of information, and increase sign visibility across your city with our extended double display.
Our signs are eco-friendly, help reduce costs, and provide a sustainable choice for city management and green initiatives.
E-paper signs provide excellent readability no matter the weather, with a clear display and no brightness washout or glare.
Increase the accessibility of transport information with audio announcements, updated in real-time.
Eliminate weather damage with our superior waterproofing, and reduce maintenance and replacement costs with our 6mm toughened glass design.
Status updates for all e-paper signs help deter vandalism and tampering, with impact alerts for responsive maintenance.
From scorching hot sun to the freezing snow of winter, our reliable e-paper smart signs won’t let you down.