Keep Your City Clean with Anti-Graffiti Bus Stop Signage

Posted 3 years ago · 3 minutes to read

April 8, 2019

Graffiti can be a blight on any city, and few places invite graffiti more than bus stops. Fact is, bus stop graffiti is more than just ugly. It also inhibits a commuter’s ability to read important information on bus stop signage, making city navigation tedious at best and impossible at worst!

New Zealand has made a priority of eradicating vandalism, recently arresting a serial graffiti tagger in Christchurch among other examples. Surprisingly enough, the cost of removing graffiti and repairing damaged property can be immense. Canterbury Police Senior Sergeant Glenn Nalder has placed the estimated annual cost of replacing glass and window film on Christchurch buses at $280,000, which ultimately gets passed on to bus users.

Fortunately, innovations exist today that dramatically reduce the cost of cleaning up vandalism on public works. Radiola is leading that charge with anti-graffiti public Smartsigns that are changing the way city management thinks about public transport signage all over the country.

What are Radiola Smartsigns?

Radiola Smartsigns are the latest in digital signage solutions. Eco-friendly, waterproof, durable, and reliable in any weather, Smartsigns are available in four different forms.

  • Single 13” eStop Smartsign – The eStop is equipped with impact detection that signals when the sign is tampered with, providing yet another line of defence against vandalism.
  • Double 13” eStop Smartsign – The Double eStop is extended vertically to allow for more information. EStop Smartsigns are also customisable via 3/4G networks or Wi-Fi.
  • 32” Smartsign – This Smartsign delivers a large display that’s perfect for open spaces. Wide enough to feature comprehensive public transit information, from bus and train schedules to transport and service updates.
  • Outdoor E-Paper Module – E-Paper modules are designed to be fitted into existing street signage, furniture, or casings. Modules can also be tiled together to create larger displays.

How do Radiola's Smartigns Protect Against Graffiti?

Radiola’s Smartsigns feature an anti-graffiti film coating on all transparent surfaces. These thin layers protect the primary glass or plastic from damage incurred by graffiti or etching. In the event that significant vandalism does occur, these layers can be simply peeled away. Not only that, Radiola’s anti-graffiti systems are designed to prevent paint from bonding, which allows them to be cleaned with conventional cleaning solutions without damaging the sign itself or impairing readability.

How does Radiola's anti-graffiti Signage Benefit Your City?

Graffiti can put a damper on any city’s public transportation systems. Every day, countless commuters depend on accurate and current information to navigate buses, trains, and subways to get where they need to be on time. The future of road signs will prevent graffiti from coming between commuters and the information they need.

Radiola’s anti-graffiti solutions will improve the overall efficiency and customer satisfaction of entire public transport systems, boosting the public’s faith and confidence in their city management to keep everything running on time and under budget.

Invest in the Signage of the Future

You want the best for your city. We all do. By investing in a public transport system, you are empowering and mobilising your fellow citizens, which is ultimately a benefit to everyone in your city and beyond. Invest in your city by contacting Radiola to learn more about the digital signage solutions of tomorrow.