Double eStop SmartSigns at the Auckland Airport

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November 26, 2018

Inefficient public transportation is a problem commuters have to face every day. For public transport to improve, companies must provide commuters with real-time and updated bus information to reduce delays and increase efficiency. On the other hand, public transport services need better tools and data to improve routes, cut delays, and provide commuters with up-to-date bus information.

Introducing the double estop smartsign


eStop is a digital SmartSign solution designed to provide Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) to commuters and transport companies, made to improve public transport efficiency. In order to continue to provide the best RTPI technology, we have released our new Double eStop SmartSign.   As an extended version of our popular Single 13” SmartSign, these larger screens are designed to show much more information - perfect for large cities or where many people will be trying to read a sign at once.

Double estop smartsign features

  • Daylight readable screen thanks to its e-paper display (EPD) technology
  • Customisable through Wi-Fi or 3/4G network
  • Low power consumption and solar rechargeable - 4 hours of sunlight provides sufficient power for operation
  • Provides real-time bus information, including departures and arrival times, bus location, and timetables
  • Easy-to-install and easy to use
  • Its larger screen makes it perfect for high-traffic areas where a lot of routes and  timetables need to be displayed

double estop smartsigns at Auckland airport


In our effort to provide a better transportation system in Auckland, we have installed 3 brand new e-paper bus stops at Auckland Airport, each with two 13.3” screens. The new eStops will:

  • Provide a combination of information, including live departures, live maps, and marketing for the bus routes,
  • Provide park and ride customers with information on how far away their bus is. The screens will display a “The bus will arrive in [x] minutes” to keep passengers updated,
  • Display live updates on the status of the hotel transfer bus “The Yellow Bus”,
  • Provide shuttle location to travellers who are transferring between terminals, helping them decide whether to wait or walk.

Following the successful implementation of our SmartSign system at Auckland Airport, we plan to expand our estop system to more places in Auckland.

And thanks to our SmartSign technology, we can also provide companies with a unique way to manage content – with the EPD display and large screen size, you can get creative with how you display information to commuters.

Radiola: Your solution to improved public transport management

One of the most common complaints about public transport is that buses are often late, or the bus information provided is not accurate. But public transportation doesn’t have to be inefficient. Providing commuters with instant and accurate real-time information helps reduce delays and enhances the passenger’s experience.

The Radiola Double SmartSign is our cost-effective solution for better public transport management. Contact Us to learn more!