E-Stop Toughened Glass Puts Radiola's Smart Signs A Cut Above

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March 4, 2019

Do you ever wonder how road signs withstand the wear and tear of outdoor tenures? Outdoor signs weather the elements 24/7, yet must never fail to deliver vital information to New Zealand commuters. This places a significant challenge on sign manufacturers, who must find ways to develop increasingly ageless signage year in and year out. So, what is the latest in signage durability technology?

The answer is E-Stop toughened glass. Radiola is providing smart road signs that are both weather and impact resistant, thanks to their innovative E-Stop glass solutions. But what is E-Stop toughened glass, and how does it make your commute easier? Continue reading to learn more about this exciting new road sign technology.

What Makes Radiola's Signs SO Strong?

Radiola’s E-Stop is 6mm of toughened glass with 4 layers of screen protection film, preventing hail, stray stones, or vandalism from your ability to glean important commuter information. The glass type is gaining popularity for its reliable durability. It is produced by heating panes of glass to about 650°C and then rapidly cooling them with pressurised air nozzles. The volatile rigidity of glass requires that this process is done with extreme precision, using computers to measure temperature and cooling speed. This leads to greater tension in the inner layer of glass, thus helping the outer layer more effectively disperse the pressure of an impact.

Recently, Radiola conducted an experiment to determine just how durable their E-Stop toughened glass really was. Panes of ordinary glass were struck with a hammer with varying degrees of force. Then, panes of E-Stop toughened glass were subjected to the same test. The results were very impressive. The E-Stop glass could withstand five blows from a sledgehammer swung at 90°. The ordinary glass shattered on the first impact from only 45°. You can check out the video here.

Radiola's Toughened Signs

Radiola’s transport management system boasts E-Stop toughened glass in each of its innovative signage solutions. Check them out below.

E-Minor & E-Major SmartSigns

Radiola’s E-Major and E-Minor Smart Signs provide real-time information to improve traffic management and lower city infrastructure costs. The signs boast a solar-powered E-Paper display unit, protected by E-Stop glass, that provides easy-to-read and up-to-date information to drivers and commuters.


The E-Wayfinder boasts a large, 32” solar-powered screen, protected by thicker 10mm E-Stop toughened glass. The sign’s large, clear, glare-resistant display is ideal for providing important information in high-speed traffic. The E-Wayfinder’s E-Stop glass screen protects it from stray rocks kicked up by highway traffic.

E-Stop SmartSigns

Radiola’s E-Stop SmartSigns come in three convenient sizes, including the single, double, and large 32” displays. The E-Stop SmartSign is the perfect addition to any city’s high-traffic bus or train stop, with easy-to-read displays providing updated information on transport schedules, updates, and service information. E-Stop SmartSigns’ waterproof displays, protected by E-Stop toughened glass, allow for heightened outdoor readability and even tampering detection.

Outdoor E-Paper Module

Open-frame E-Paper displays by Radiola are a particularly versatile smart road signs solution. Also protected with E-Stop toughened glass screens, the E-Paper Module can fit into existing street casings and can even be tiled together to create larger, more eye-popping displays. The E-Paper Module’s durability and flexibility combine to make it a great fit for urban areas.

Invest in Road Signs that can Conquer the Elements

Clear, helpful road signs help a city run more smoothly, and durable road signs help cities save money on repair and updating costs. Do what’s best for your city. Contact Radiola today.