ePaper in NZ: Radiola’s Collaboration with Mercury Innovation

Posted 4 years ago · 3 minutes to read

October 19, 2018

Technology can change the world if used in the right way. We’re fortunate enough to live in an age where advances in technology mean we can perform daily tasks much easier, manage our increasingly hectic lives, and learn more about the world and communities around us. Now, teams of engineers, analysts, designers, and visionaries are using technology to benefit both our cities and the people that live in them.

Mercury Innovation Team was established in 2014 to design, build and maintain Intelligent Traffic Systems, consisting of mechanical, electrical and systems design engineering specialists. Mercury Innovation has been using ePaper signs – a low-power, highly readable signage solution – for a number of years, and recently began producing parking sign displays in addition to transport and bus stop signs.

Why ePaper is changing the world of transport

Radiola partnered with Mercury Innovation to bring ePaper signs to New Zealand, but what makes ePaper signs so refreshing from traditional signage solutions? The answer is: everything.

Although transport signage may not sound like exciting technology, the truth is that it can benefit everyone if implemented in the right way. By using ePaper, bus stop signage and parking display signs reduce confusion, enhance the experience of a city for tourists and visitors, and create a more positive environment for citizens. It’s become a trend for people to look at their smartphone for information, but what if you could provide the same instant delivery of information while directing their focus around your city?

ePaper signs are always on, and always visible. As they only use power when they update the image on the sign itself, the last piece of information remains visible even in the event of a power outage. The design of ePaper signs gives them incredibly readability, their paper-like appearance means you can view them from any angle, and in low light or extreme direct sunlight. As they use such a low level of energy, they’re also powered by solar – reducing city-wide energy needs and the risk of outages.

The benefits of ePaper bus stops for city management

While ePaper is clearly beneficial for citizens, we know a product has to benefit everyone to be successful and viable. One of the greatest aspects of ePaper signage is how it is designed to benefit city management just as much as citizens and travellers. An up-to-date travel information system, accurate and reliable schedule information, and reduced maintenance are some of the greatest benefits – creating happier citizens and lowering maintenance costs.

By using ePaper signs, you can benefit from:

  • Easy delivery of real-time travel information
  • Accurate and readable schedule information
  • Easy operation and installation
  • Solar and mains powered
  • Asset status updates
  • Reliable operation 24 hours a day
  • Simple and reduced maintenance requirements.

Radiola has been running Waikato Regional Council’s real-time passenger information system in Hamilton City for over 10 years. We operate and manage the complete solution right down to the bus hardware, reporting software, on-street passenger displays and full system maintenance. Our goal is to deliver ePaper signage to everywhere in New Zealand, using a combination of real-time information systems and cost-effective, eco-friendly signage to do so.

Radiola - Intelligent systems for New Zealand smart cities

Our ePaper SmartSigns are the future of bus stop displays. All of our signs, from the Single 13” eStop to our 32” SmartSign, feature the same exceptional levels of design and technology. You can use our SmartSigns to deliver updates to citizens on:

  • Schedules and timetables
  • Real-time arrival times for transport
  • Real-time route or schedule changes
  • Advertising
  • Weather information
  • Emergency information.

With a durable design, waterproof casing, impact detection and crisp, readable font, our signs empower city management and citizens alike. Integrating our signs anywhere in your city will allow you to deliver real-time updates on arrivals, bus capacity, service changes or emergency situations.

To learn more about our SmartSigns, you can view our range of products, or contact Radiola today to speak with one of our team for more information.