eStops - The Smarter Way to Deliver Transit Info

Posted 3 years ago · 3 minutes to read

June 4, 2019

EStops are one form of the many digital signage solutions prevalent in today’s evolving smart cities. Estops take the best elements of printed paper and merge them with smart technology to create a new generation of bus stop signs – low power usage, highly readable, easily updateable, with the ability to efficiently display real-time information. There are many reasons why city administrators are utilising e-ink technology – being cost-effective and more efficient than multi-LED displays are just two of the most popular.

Today we discuss the benefits of eStops. Why they’re more practical and more beneficial in the long run.

Estops are highly readable

LCD’s most notable challenge is poor visibility in sunlight, which affects the overall effectiveness of the display. Moreover, they require a greater amount of energy to combat natural light. This scenario is a major drawback in terms of outdoor environments, as it increases energy costs. EStops using electronic paper, on the other hand, are considered one of the lowest power display technologies in the world. EStops have a unique reflective display which offers the same readability as traditional paper and makes the content highly visible even in direct sunlight.

They're solar powered

If you need more examples of the energy efficiency of eStops, you’ll be glad to know they run entirely on solar power. Using a plentiful natural resource greatly conserves energy. Beyond just saving on energy costs, it also helps care for the environment, providing sustainable technology that is environmentally friendly to operate.

They require less paper

EStops reduce the need for traditional materials, which cost money each time they need to be replaced. With eStops, city admins don’t have to be constantly replacing paper-based bus stop content. Instead, they are connected to a management system using wireless technology. Furthermore, content can be updated instantly through remote control centres, providing commuters with up-to-date, real-time information.

They're easy to install

eStops are modular in design and can be mounted on any wall, post, or surface without requiring civil work. They can be placed anywhere without the need to dig or install complex data cables.

They're waterproof and work well in extreme climates

There are numerous paper-based signs that fall apart because of the effects of extreme weather. Estops, however, are one of the only types of public transport signage designed to work in extreme climates. In order to be durable, they are built with strong, reinforced materials. Due to their sturdiness and endurance in extreme conditions, city admins can reduce replacement costs and maintenance call-outs.

Save money in the long run

EStops are truly a cost-effective solution for displaying real-time bus arrivals and other vital information right at the bus stop. They optimise public transport information without complex cabling and high energy costs. They’re a more practical choice for smart cities, as they improve the overall travel experience of commuters and meet the changing needs of the future. They also have a lower chance of becoming obsolete, allowing cities a long-term, cost-effective digital solution.

Radiola provides smart signs for New Zealand cities, improving public transport systems. Our SmartSigns are easy to read, eco-friendly, durable, and reliable in all weather conditions, allowing your city to save more in the long run. Contact us today to find out more.