How Real-Time Bus Information Works for Everyone

Posted 3 years ago · 4 minutes to read

December 6, 2018

If you are a regular public transport user, you will know that there are only two things that make the journey almost unbearable: forgetting your ticket, and the bus running behind schedule. And while we can't do anything about your ticket hiding from you, (we believe you, don't worry), we believe we hold the ticket to improving the inaccurate scheduling that so many passengers endure every day. Our Real-Time Passenger Information (RTPI) shows exactly how far away your bus is, allowing passengers to plan their journey more accurately.

How does RTPI work?

The secret behind our magical system is, of course, smart technology. We equip buses with an onboard computer and a GPS navigation system that allows them to report their exact location to a central server, hosted in the cloud. This cloud server then calculates how long the bus will take to reach every stop along its route. And because the bus' GPS location is being constantly and consistently updated to the central server, passengers are provided with constant and consistent updates on how far away their bus really is.

Passengers can see this information through a variety of different ways. From bus stop signs, mobile apps and even Google, your passengers will never be without their bus again.

Who benefits from RTPI?

In our busy world, every second is precious. Passengers don't have time to wait around for a bus, especially if they don't know how far away that bus is. RTPI can provide time-saving technology that allows passengers to get where they need to go with minimum fuss. We understand that every passenger is different and the importance of incorporating all the needs of the public. Real-time bus information has numerous benefits for all kinds of passengers, including:


Students who are commuting to school need to be there on time – no one wants to be that person who comes in late to a lecture. To help with that, RTPI provides accurate, real-time data that allows students to plan their journey better. Students can view the bus timetable and its routes to better schedule their commute. This not only saves them time but allows them to plan their route more efficiently.


Buses are one of the most popular modes of transport for tourists and are often the primary mode of transportation for tourists when they arrive at their destination. But exploring the inside of a bus doesn't count as exploring, does it? We didn't think so. An RTPI system helps tourists to get exactly where they need to go as quickly as possible by letting them know the quickest route, how far away the bus is and the journey time, helping them make the most of exploring.

The Elderly

Accommodating to all members of the public when creating a transport system means providing measures for the elderly, as well as the visually impaired. Our RTPI systems allow for features such as displays and bus stop audio to help aid these members of the community to get around just as efficiently as anyone.

People in a rush

Christmas. New Year's Eve. These, among other public holidays, are often the busiest times of the year. Which means that all types of transport are full of people bustling about to get somewhere. But we also understand that people are always trying to get somewhere, which means that essentially, public transport is always battling with delays and traffic. RTPI allows commuters to learn about a delay before they arrive at the stop, as well as giving the information they need to consider alternative routes. RTPI also shows how far away the bus is in Real-Time, not just when it should get there according to the schedule. Preventing if not eradicating the complaint of unreliable services.

Estop is the solution to a better transport service

As the world changes, technology needs to change with it. Our Real-Time Passenger Information system (RTPI) is a cloud-based GPS-tracking system incorporating a sophisticated prediction engine that provides up-to-the-minute bus service information. Having this information constantly sent right to the bus stop means no delay in passengers getting the information they need. It is the answer to the universal demand for an up-to-date bus tracking system, that allows passengers to be completely in the loop when it comes to how they travel.

Our eStops provide travellers with real-time passenger information right at their bus stop. Contact us to learn more about eStops!