Increasing Tourism in Your City with Digital Transit Signs

Posted 3 years ago · 3 minutes to read

February 3, 2019

The modern tourist experience in an unfamiliar place has gotten a whole lot easier with the advent of digital signage, which provides instant, accessible information to travellers. The widespread adoption of this technology has made it an essential addition for any city hoping to remain a relevant tourism destination in the 21st century. Your city can boost its tourism revenue by adding these technologies, and when you consider the following benefits they bring, it’s not hard to see why.

Tourists are used to the technology

Major cities all over the world are using digital transit signage, and tourists have become accustomed to the streamlined transport experience it provides. Where they previously struggled over static timetables, travellers now have access to tailored, real-time information that makes getting around unfamiliar cities a breeze. When digital signage is the new standard, it pays to provide tourists with the experience they have come to expect, or your city risks getting left behind.

Provide real-time information

One of the most obvious benefits of real-time systems is their ability to provide information that is accurate and up to date. Tourists accept that delays can happen in public transport systems, but when they happen, being instantly and reliably informed about it is crucial to ensuring their experience stays positive. With real-time information, travellers can easily decide on alternate plans so their schedules are not seriously impacted when delays occur, guaranteeing a smooth experience at all times.

Help tourists enjoy their experience

Navigating transport in unfamiliar places is one of the most frustrating parts of holidaymaking. Well-placed digital signage can do a lot to alleviate those frustrations. Providing better information reduces worry and stress, but research has also shown that looking at digital signs decreases perceived wait times. Delivering information with displays that can provide a shifting variety of details, as well as other content like travel guides or advertising, is a great way to help travellers manage their time.

Increase accessibility

The information you can display with digital signage gives tourists the ability to plan complex journeys at the bus stop or train station, by viewing connecting transport options and getting accurate information about routes, departures and arrivals. This increases your city’s accessibility, helping tourists get quickly to where they need to be. Digital signage also helps those with barriers like language differences or disabilities find the information they need easily. Displays can cycle through languages, while visually impaired people can get their information verbally through speaker systems.

Is your city's transit signage up to date with the world?

Tourists have more options than ever before - flights are getting cheaper, work schedules more flexible, and countries are always opening themselves up for travellers. For your city to take advantage of valuable tourism revenue, the infrastructure provided needs to be modern and up to date, ensuring a smooth and comfortable transit experience for everyone who comes through. If you want to talk things over with New Zealand’s leading supplier of modern transport display technology, contact us at Radiola. Let us bring your transit signage into the modern age.