The Key to Citizen Happiness: Digital Transport Solutions

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May 3, 2019

A good transport management system has become a very useful tool in terms of planning, executing, and optimizing daily operations of transportation fleets. People rely heavily on public transport as a practical means to get from Point A to B, but time is money, and when our daily commute is halted because of unexpected delays, we become tense and uneasy.

Time is crucial, and the more we save time, the higher our productivity will be. The higher our productivity, we gain the capability to run our daily lives more efficiently – with that knowledge, we become empowered and happier citizens. Inconveniences are inevitable but it shouldn’t be the norm. Thankfully, there are solutions to these complaints.

Complaint 1: Late Buses

One of the most common grievances of public transport users is buses coming in late. One New Zealand city’s network reported 105 cases on buses not running on time after recent changes. A woman also reported that she arrived at her bus stop 10 minutes early, but the bus never arrived. It’s understandable why a situation like this can prove to be such a hassle. People have places to go and time is of the essence when people are running on a strict schedule or routine.

Complaint 2: Route Changes

Public transport should be dependable enough to drop you off to your expected destination. When buses change routes without warning, passengers tend to get confused. This issue builds a sense of mistrust among commuters and bus transport systems, and in turn, forces commuters to look for more reliable transportation.

Complaint 3: No Shelter

Commuters also sometimes complain of bus stops having no shelter. Having a shelter is important, as rather than just protecting individuals from unexpected weather changes, shelters make it possible for bus stop announcement systems to have a protected place for display. These systems allow commuters to see the latest information regarding weather, traffic flow, bus transfer schedules, and other important public service announcements.

Smart Signs to Counter Commuter Chaos

The answer to all of these complaints is building reliable transport managing systems. Today, mobile devices, smart signs, and the internet have allowed us to find easier ways of communicating and making the fast transmission of information possible. Apps can be used to communicate and execute transactions, carry out advanced bookings, determine the location and availability of vehicles, and find the most ideal routes.

Smart signs that deliver real-time data to bus stops are also effective in relaying information to commuters. Real-time monitoring of bus routes also plays a major role in keeping bus schedules on time throughout the passengers’ journey.

All of these digital transport solutions are cost-effective and reliable in delivering real-time data. Data-driven systems favour both transport companies and the public and ultimately improve how cities work and how citizens live.

Excellent Digital Transport Solutions

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