A Transit Storm is Coming, New Zealand

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February 22, 2019

Transit is here, New Zealand. 

IKEA may have forgotten about us, but thankfully, Transit weren’t using Swedish map décor when deciding on the next launch site. Now, the most powerful commuting app in North America, Europe, and Australia has rolled into New Zealand.

Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Tauranga, and Timaru (yeah Timmy!) are linked to Transit to provide better real-time data for local buses and trains.

Transit in Auckland and Wellington


Why do we love Transit so much? Besides the fact that the company is full of stellar folks, it’s made for everyday commuters. Sometimes buses aren’t what your mates would label “cool”, and yeah, they can be a little slow at times. Transit can't make your bus arrive sooner, but it makes the wait and the ride just a little bit better. How? They’ve built a user experience with… the user in mind! WHAT?!

This is going to be totally anti-climactic, but when you open the app, you get all the info you need straight away. Seems obvious right? But who else is doing that?

Google Maps is great and all, but you need to plan a journey or select the bus stop you are at in order to see your bus. Us everyday commuters already know where we are going. We know what route we’re waiting for. All we want to know is how far away that bus is. Come on!

So many other apps make you search for the stop, or worse, the stop number. Yeah, we know we're bus people but we aren't going to catalogue all the stop numbers in our area – we can barely remember our postcode. And sure, we could try searching for the name of the bus stop, maybe by the street name (now which side was my one on again?), but there should be an easier way! 

Too many stop options


Well New Zealand, now there is.

We could yarn on about how great Transit is but we think you get the gist (it’s o for awesome). So here are some of those highlight features that make it so good.

Live departures

Transit Map


As we’ve touched on, this is probably the most important bit. What makes Transit so great is that when you open the app, it shows you all the routes departing around you. You know what route you’re looking for, so you get to see the real-time and departure immediately. You can go a step further and see live maps for that service plus posted announcements and disruptions.


If you just aren’t feeling the bus one day, that’s alright (we understand). Ridehail options Uber and Ola (if your city has these) are displayed within that list of live departures. It’ll let you know how far away a driver is and let you book within Transit – how easy’s that!


GO journey


Transit’s GO is like your in-pocket navigator. If the bus was a rally car, it would be that guy sitting next to you shouting something about the next corner. You can use GO at any stage in the journey to give you helpful info about each leg. There are two things we really like about it:

1) Work Harder!

You can sit at your desk and select the bus you're waiting for, then it will notify you when you need to haul ass to the bus stop. It even nags you if you're moving too slow -thanks pocket mum.



2) Zone out and chillax

When you’re on the bus it’ll remind you when your stop is coming up. We don’t know about you but when riding the bus, we get on that free Wi-Fi and zone into Facebook. The back of the bus could be on fire and we wouldn’t have a clue. When it’s time to get off, Transit’s like “oi mate, ya dreaming. Stop what you're doing and get ready to hop off!” – or something to that effect.

What’s neat about GO is that when you’re on the bus, you're sharing your location back to Transit so they can make the real-time better for other people further up the line who are looking at the predictions. Remember how I said it was the most powerful? It's the only app to increase live departure accuracy using both bus GPS and crowdsourced data. You’re like this important piece of the real-time machine! And you get smiley faces which you can show off to your friends, so they know how awesome you are – Which is great because our Uber rating is nothing to talk about. #drivercanyoucrankthemusic

Revel in our smile count! (it has only just launched in Welly...)

Total riders helped


Footpath Obstacles

The cool crew at Transit are working on adding other mobility options like the hotly debated Lime and bike share services. That just makes it even easier to find all your options in one handy place. So, watch this space.

Read Transit's Blog Post And download Transit

Free on iOS & Android

Radiola + Transit

Radiola works with Transit to provide real-time data in Hamilton, Tauranga, and Auckland Airport. Next time you are at the airport and waiting for the Interterminal or Park & Ride, open Transit. Our team fits GPS to buses and turns those vehicle locations into live departure predictions to share to awesome apps, websites and bus stop signage. We also have web-apps for agencies to post service alerts to Transit to keep riders informed on official disruptions and important messages.

Talk to us today if you want to get your city's buses into Transit.