GTFS Management System

Total control of GTFS datasets

GTFS was developed as the Google Transit Feed Specification and defines how transport agency data is to be displayed on the internet. When travellers or commuters use online maps to get directions or transport apps to check timetables, your GTFS management controls the information they receive. Today, almost everyone in modern cities has access to a smartphone, and transport agencies only thrive when providing the best-quality data available.

Enable Google Maps real-time journey plans

Enable Google Maps real-time journey plans | GTFS Manager

High-quality transit data is crucial for managing schedules online and through transport apps. Our GTFS Management System is a simple, cloud-based interface that any member of management can use wherever they are. Easy-to-use, and featuring an incredible overview for total control of all datasets, it’s never been easier to view and compare transport datasets.

Route shape map editor

Route shape map editor | GTFS Manager

Use our GTFS Management System to maintain all data fields in GTFS, and edit every aspect of the GTFS dataset. A clear overview dashboard, search functionality, and filter options allow for quick accessibility through large amounts of data, and allows city management to identify and edit data rapidly. You can compare travel patterns for a route, variations for unique services, and see all stops on a visible, real-time map.

Edit stop details

Edit stop details | GTFS Manager

Radiola’s GTFS Management System is compliant to New Zealand’s RTIS data standards for GTFS, and we can customise our system to each agency’s individual’s data requirements. Access to real-time, high-quality information improves the transport experience for management and passengers alike. Speak to Radiola today to find out more.

Powerful, accurate data Management

Reliable, easy-to-install and user-friendly

Complete management of GTFS and GTFS-Flex Cloud-based interface for complete mobility
Compliant to New Zealand RTIS data standards for GTFS Easy-to-use and clear overview and search functionality
Customisable to individual agency data requirements Access and edit GTFS datasets quickly