Next Stop Display System

Public transport has evolved from what it once was. For commuters, tourists, management, and marketers alike, public transport and travel are now driven by data and advertising. It’s never been easier or more cost-effective to use full audio and video display systems for information and advertising announcements, and the benefits are extraordinary.

Next Stop BUSIT


For the public, whether that be tourists or commuters, video and audio announcements can provide crucial information on journeys, points-of-interest, travel connections, and real-time GPS-driven maps. For tourists, this level of information enhances their experience of the city, the transport system, and allows them more time to enjoy their trip.

Next-stop announcements indicate journey arrival times, and our full graphic display offers a clear, readable screen for video advertising can also be used to provide location-specific content. Geo-specific marketing makes advertising much more valuable to both businesses and citizens, but importantly, it informs the travel experience to create a sense of connectedness with a city.

Our screens can be tailored to suit a number of views and can be installed either as a standalone system or integrated with your existing on-board services, such as existing screens, ticket machines or passenger Wi-Fi. To enhance the public transport experience for all passengers, speak to Radiola today about our Next Stop Display system.



Stops, transfers and points of interest are announced using our clear HD Text-To-Speech (TTS) engine or human prerecorded voice. Custom announcement triggers can be set at multiple locations before the stop. Phonetic spelling can be managed to ensure correct pronunciation of TTS place names. Our TTS engine has been enhanced to support pronunciation of Te Reo Maori place names.


Enhanced Marketing


Make full use of your onboard screen. Share service updates, marketing posters or videos based on your riders location. Time adverts during longer periods between stops or at specific geo-locations. Audio announcements or video sound can run with the on-screen content. 




Keep your riders informed when stops change. Radiola Next Stop is built to run from your networks GTFS feed. We use GTFS for scheduled data and link GPS and real-time data to display upcoming stops, transfers, maps and other rider-friendly information. The system will automatically update GTFS is when a new version is available. The GTFS is stored on the Next Stop device, so if the unit loses connection to the mobile network the system will continue to provide passenger information.  No worries if your agency doesn't have GTFS - Talk to us about how we can help. 


Remote Management


All displayed content, audio settings and system configurations is managed remotely with our Next Stop CMS. Next Stop CMS is a web application that can be accessed using any web browser. No matter where you are, or what device you are using, you maintain complete control of the system and content. 


Greatly improved transit experiences Scalable and customisable systems
Full graphics display for audio and video announcements  Installable on existing screens
Geo-specific content and marketing Tailored views – Schematic, Listed, Navman
Connection and point-of-interest information Integrates with onboard ticket machines and Wi-Fi